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Around the Bay
Auburn Bay and Seton

Hello Acadia

Bridgeland-Riverside Bridges
Bridgeland and Riverside

Evergreen Edge

The Broadcaster
Coach Hill, Patterson Heights, and Prominence Point

CKE News
Chinook Park, Kelvin Grove, and Eagle Ridge

Canyon Meadows Chronicle
Canyon Meadows

Douglasdale/Glen Quarry Park Bridges
Douglasdale, Douglas Glen, and Quarry Park

Ridge Review
Discovery Ridge

Coppefield/Mahogany News
Copperfield and Mahogany

McKenzie Lake Gazette
McKenzie Lake and Mountain Park

MOCA Motion
Lynnwood, Millican, Ogden, and Southhill

About Towne
McKenzie Towne

Riverbend Review

Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak

The Breeze
Somerset and Bridlewood

SCA Gazette
Strathcona, Aspen Woods and Christie Park

The Chronicle
Shawnessy and Millrise

Willow Ridge News
Willow Park and Maple Ridge

Shawnee Slopes & Evergreen Estates
Shawnee Slopes and Evergreen Estates
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Advertiser Benefits

Mind’s Design Studio creates highly anticipated and professional monthly publications that reflect community interests to residents from the community associations we serve.  We publish 20 official community newsletters that reach over 200,000 potential customers within 40 communities in Calgary.  Our community newsletters offer businesses great exposure  to their target market. We offer the best value for your advertising dollars.  With complete coverage in each community, exceptional customer service, and a full range of ad sizes and options to suit your needs, you can feel confident that you made a solid choice.

Don’t have a display ad designed?  Mind's Design offers FREE professional ad design  to all new clients We encourage monthly design updates to ads to keep them fresh and to keep the readers interested in your business.,
Community Benefits

Mind’s Design has been providing residents of Calgary communities quality official community newsletters since 2004.  11 months of the year, we provide the community associations we serve a direct way to inform residents within these communities exactly what's happening within their own backyard. There's community programs, philanthropic information, city wide news and events...etc. We want residents to feel connected and have a sense of belonging within the areas they reside. Our community newsletters are an effective bridge to help make this happen.  

Our mission is to create an inspiring resource for residents and advertisers to become more involved and prosperous within their communities.

If you’re interested in having your community partner with Mind’s Design, please contact Bobbie-Jo Bergner at 403-203-9152.,
Did you know...

  • Our official community newsletters go directly to your target market! This is because our newsletters are supported by both the residents and the community associations we serve.
  • There is an average of 2.5 persons per household that will read their official newsletter.
  • Official newsletters have a long life! They remain in households for up to 6 months – many residents even collect them.
  • These days, businesses must be seen and heard by a potential customer at least 7 to 14 times before they “Think of YOU!” Our newsletters are one of many key mediums to utilize to advertise your business!
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